September 20, 2018

By Kidde Kelly

How do your view life's transitions?  Read this blog to see if it gives you a different outlook about it. 

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Throughout life you will go through many transitions. As an individual, you transition from childhood to youth adulthood. Then, every decade brings about different phases of who you are. In your career, you may transition from one position to another, from one company to another or from a role into retirement. Sometimes the transition may be of your choosing and other times it may be due to reduction in force, position elimination or some other involuntary move. Whatever the case may be, you should always take a brief pause to determine the best way to navigate the transition. Your goal should always be to get through the journey, while evolving into your best self until the next transition occurs.

Trans - Refers to change. Although any change, while it can sometimes be scary; it also can be very good for you. It's all in how you look at it.

Sit - Sometimes you need to sit still for a moment. Think about the change and determine what you want to do before you begin navigating through it. Staying still for just a few minutes can improve your outlook and allow you to take control of your reactions, while also enabling you to become more aware of your next steps.

I - Anytime there is a change, there is something in it for you. Take a moment to focus on you and ask yourself: "what do I want?" "what should I do? and "what learning can I take away for this experience?" For you, you are the most important person in this transition. You need a little time and focus on "I"-care (self-care) and self-reflection.

On - Once you spent time identifying the change, sitting still, focusing on yourself, then you'll be better prepared to move on. You'll know what you want, how you want to show up and be able to move on-ward and upward to the next transition in your journey.

I can tell you it's possible to make a great transition. I've made many throughout my life time and understand what it takes to enable effective change.  If you need help, let us be your catalyst to discovering how you can make the best of your transition. We're here to be your guide, advocate and support!